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Rhinoplasty Surgery Clinic in Jhansi, India - Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a "nose job" or "nose reshaping" by patients is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the form, restoring the functions, and aesthetically enhancing the nose. Most patients ask to remove a bump, narrow nostril width, change the angle between the nose and the mouth, as well as correct injuries, birth defects, or other problems that affect breathing. Find the best Rhinoplasty Clinic in Jhansi, India.

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Nose surgery costs in Jhansi, India - Rhinoplasty surgery costs can vary widely. The cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery depends on Anesthesia fees, Hospital or surgical facility costs, Medical tests, Post-surgery garments, Prescriptions for medication, Surgeons fee, Clinic stay etc. A surgeons fee will be based on his or her experience and geographic office location. When choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area for a rhinoplasty procedure, remember that the surgeons experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final cost of the surgery.

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Due to its position in the middle of the face, our nose is an essential aesthetic element of the face. Misalignments, shape and size are therefore quickly perceived as annoying. It is not without reason that rhinoplasty is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures.

When does a nose job make sense?

When your nose is responsible for the fact that you are dissatisfied with the way you look and that you long for a correction to finally feel good again.


Some examples are

  • With malpositions
  • If you are unsatisfied with the shape and size
  • With asymmetries
  • With functional limitations
  • With a crooked nasal septum


How is a nose job done?

Asymmetries, hump or saddle noses, long noses or small notches on the tip of the nose are particularly striking and contribute significantly to our appearance. Unfortunately, we cannot conceal or hide them, and so many patients long for a correction.

We offer a variety of different surgical as well as non-surgical methods for correcting your nose. In addition to surgical rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, with which strong shifts in the nasal septum, functional disorders and large asymmetries can be permanently remedied, modern aesthetics also offer injections with the active ingredient hyaluron, which occurs naturally in the body. The finest asymmetrical proportions can be treated in a targeted manner in order to make your face more attractive without the risks of an operation.

In order to give your nose a new shape, your specialist will ideally work inside the nose so that no or only minimal scars can be seen later. Using special instruments, he can remove the bony and cartilaginous parts of a nasal hump or fill in a saddle nose. The tip of the nose can be refined or lifted. In all nasal operations, the function is of course also taken into account and, if necessary, restricted nasal breathing is corrected in the same procedure.

Medical One focuses on your individual wishes

You have certainly given a lot of thought to the desired size and shape of your nose. It is good and helpful if you are clear about the result you want to achieve and ask all your questions in the first consultation. Your specialist will discuss the desired changes with you, such as a reduction in the nasal hump, and simulate the possible results using photos or on the computer.

How is the nose operated?

The nose can be operated on by an open or closed treatment method. With small improvements, a correction of the nose without surgery with injections of hyaluronic acid is possible. Which method is possible and used for your own nose correction is decided in the consultation with the treating doctor.

What do I have to look out for in the case of cheap offers?

Offers that are well below the "normal price" should be checked carefully. Often costs are hidden and the final price is much higher than initially assumed. Hidden costs can be prices for check-ups, preliminary examinations and hospital stays. In the case of cheap offers, there is also the risk that no individual care is possible for the patient and that there is no or only insufficient follow-up care.

However, a comprehensive and qualitative treatment package is important for a successful treatment. In addition to the price, you should therefore always find out about the reputation of the clinic and the treating doctor. Read testimonials in advance and make sure in the consultation whether you are giving competent advice, all questions are clarified and the cost components are presented transparently. In this way, wrong decisions can be avoided. If you have a bad feeling, it is better to change your doctor directly.

What can go wrong with a nose job?

Like any medical procedure, rhinoplasty is associated with risks and side effects. As a rule, however, nasal surgery is considered safe: most operations are free of complications. Problems often arise not from a medical but from a cosmetic point of view, for example if the patient is not satisfied with the optical result. It is for this reason that most of the follow-up operations take place.

Can I see beforehand what my nose will look like after the operation?

Thanks to computer simulations or retouched photos, a first impression of what the nose will look like after the operation is possible in advance. However, it should always be clear that this only serves to give a first impression and that the surgical result will not be 100 percent identical.


Cost of a nose job

The cost of a nose job depends on whether you choose surgical or non-surgical treatment. In a joint consultation with our doctors, we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding cost estimate.

You can have an approximate treatment price calculated in advance using our price calculator.

The costs are made up of various components, such as the respective initial findings and the desired change, the effort and the surgical method. In addition to purely aesthetic reasons, a nose correction may also be necessary due to congenital malformations, consequences of injuries or functional disorders of the inner nose. Since the cost of a rhinoplasty is made up of different components, ultimately only the specialist can provide information about the final price.

Price and patient examples Rhinoplasty

The cost of a rhinoplasty is made up of various components. For example, from the initial state of the nose, the surgical method and the associated surgical effort.

What does a nose job cost depending on the method?

. The costs are individual and are made up of the various components of the rhinoplasty. Namely from the consultation, the scope of the operation, i.e. the surgical method used, the personnel expenditure, the required materials, the length of stay, the medical follow-up care and the necessary follow-up appointments as well as the technical equipment of the clinic, the respective doctor's fee and the staff salaries.

The price of a rhinoplasty without surgery is calculated from the materials required and is therefore relatively cheaper. Usually two sessions are necessary for a satisfactory result. For example, if a session costs 300 euros, the total cost of the rhinoplasty without surgery would be 600 euros. As with any rhinoplasty, the costs are based, among other things, on the individual effort. The actual costs should therefore always be clarified in a preliminary discussion with the doctor being treated. In contrast to classic rhinoplasty, such an operation is not permanent. The result of a rhinoplasty without surgery lasts only 1 to 2 years.