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Rhinoplasty Surgery Clinic in Chennai, India - Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a "nose job" or "nose reshaping" by patients is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the form, restoring the functions, and aesthetically enhancing the nose. Most patients ask to remove a bump, narrow nostril width, change the angle between the nose and the mouth, as well as correct injuries, birth defects, or other problems that affect breathing. Find the best Rhinoplasty Clinic in Chennai, India.

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Rhinoplasty Cost Depends on?

Nose surgery costs in Chennai, India - Rhinoplasty surgery costs can vary widely. The cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery depends on Anesthesia fees, Hospital or surgical facility costs, Medical tests, Post-surgery garments, Prescriptions for medication, Surgeons fee, Clinic stay etc. A surgeons fee will be based on his or her experience and geographic office location. When choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area for a rhinoplasty procedure, remember that the surgeons experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final cost of the surgery.

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Rhinoplasty surgery in Chennai

A lot of people are unsatisfied with the shape of their nose. Some noses are small while some are big. Your facial appearance always intensifies with a sharp nose for sure. Does the shape of your nose makes you concerned? If yes, your nose with which you are unhappy can be helped to beautify through a procedure of choice called nose reshaping or rhinoplasty. The size and shape of your nose can be changed very effectively through a complex procedure called Nose reshaping. The tip of the nose can be corrected along with bumps, the angle of the nose and other defects related to the nose can also be changed through this procedure. By altering the structure of the nose breathing problems can also be effectively treated with the help of nose reshaping or rhinoplasty.


Cost of nose reshaping in Chennai

On the type of case the doctor deals with the cost of nose surgery depends in Chennai. Before discharging the patient the doctor may require a longer period to operate as well as observe the patient if the his or her case is severe. Based on your health condition, insurance coverage, etcalong with other criteria like the procedure recommended by the doctor, the type of room chosen this may add on to the hospital charges involved. However, the average cost is around Rs. 95000 onwards.


The right candidates for nose reshaping

For a nose reshaping procedure you are eligible:

  • If you have a broken or injured nose.
  • If your nose is wide or thin.
  • If your nose has a deviated nasal septum.
  • If your nose has a bump.
  • With the rest of the face or nose if your nose tip is not in sync.
  • If you have too wide and unattractive nostrils.



Under a general or local anaesthesia the nose reshaping is performed. Sometimes you may have to stay for the night after the procedure but most of the time it is performed as an outpatient procedure. To access the cartilage and bone that supports your nose your surgeon makes a small incision during the procedure. The incisions are invisible after the procedure because they are made inside the nose. Either some bone or cartilage is removed or tissue may be added depending on the goal of the treatment. The tissue can either be an artificial filler or it can be extracted from another part of the body. The skin and tissue are redraped over the nose after rearranging the bone and cartilage. With the help of a splint from outside the nose is then supported. As the nose heals it's new perfect shape appears.


Expectations after the procedure

For 2 days to 2 weeks swelling and bruising around your eyes may be experienced by you after the procedure. For one week the nasal splint will have to be worn by you. For about six months a little swelling on your nose will be there which will be not so prominent.Once the nose is completely healed graduallythe final shape of your nose will appear.


Rhinoplasty is a kind of surgery to shape the nose again, a “nose job”. It is one of the most frequently requested aesthetic medical procedures around the world and is magnificent operation that can bring about significant results and make a great difference to people. It is a very massive personal decision for someone to make and therefore it is essential to prepare properly for any rhinoplasty surgery well in advance. I have put together a small guide for you about points to consider well in advance and what to anticipate from a rhinoplasty surgery.

Why do you want a rhinoplasty?

Certainly, this is one of the most crucial things to be clear about! Every single patient I check is different from each other and has different reasons why they want to see me. I can help you best only if I clearly understand why you want to pursue rhinoplasty. One size would clearly not fit all when it comes to noses!

  • Is there any specific feature of your nose that you are unsatisfied with?
  • What sort of changes do you want additionally to the features of your nose?
  • What end result do you anticipate to be? While clearly it is right to have high quality, it is also important to be realistic at the same time about what surgery can achieve.
  • Is it just your appearance that you want to change or you find it difficult to breathe or both?
  • Did you ever have previous surgery or injuries to your nose? This can have an effect on how the surgery is done and what can be done.

What can a rhinoplasty do?

A rhinoplasty can change the look of your nose and improve your breathing as well. A portion of the reasons I do rhinoplasties are to rectify noses, level off a mound, develop a crumbled nose, change the shape and size of the tip of a nose, slender a wide nose, change the size and state of nostrils and enhance breathing through the nose. So as should be obvious… there are numerous motivations to think about a rhinoplasty!

What else does a Plastic Surgeon consider?

With a specific end goal to accomplish a characteristic look, it is critical to think about the impact of adjusting one a player in the face on different zones of the face. For instance, a rhinoplasty will enhance and reshape the nose, yet it won't influence some other piece of the face. In this manner there is the likelihood that facial "disharmony" may come about, especially on side profile, if the staying facial highlights are not adjusted. The most widely recognized circumstance this happens in is the point at which somebody has an exorbitantly retreating or projecting button. Modifying the profile of their nose alone, without increasing or lessening their jaw, may not completely accomplish facial concordance. The most regular appearance is accomplished by adjusting the shape and appearance of the nose in connection to whatever is left of the face.

An exceptionally definite therapeutic history and a full examination is additionally done before achieving any choice about rhinoplasty medical procedure.

What happens during the surgery?

Rhinoplasties are typically done under a general analgesic (while you are snoozing). Amid the medical procedure, the skin of the nose is lifted up by means of extremely discrete little entry points inside the nostrils and once in a while over the columnella (the focal piece of the nose in the middle of the two nostrils). The basic structure (bone and ligament) of the nose is then reshaped to the coveted measurements and appearance. At last the skin is sewed back together and for the most part a supporting brace is put over the nose to ensure it amid the early recuperation.

How long does it take to recover after a rhinoplasty?

It is typical to make them swell and wounding after rhinoplasties. The wounding and a large portion of the swelling will go amid the initial two weeks after medical procedure. Whatever is left of the swelling settle step by step? By a month and a half, it is generally indiscernible albeit little sums can persevere for more. Normally it is important to secure your sense about six to two months after medical procedure e.g. to maintain a strategic distance from contact sports.

What is the first step if you are considering a rhinoplasty?

The initial step is to contemplate why you need a rhinoplasty. The second step is to see a completely qualified, respectable specialist for a counsel.  Check your specialist is a board-affirmed plastic specialist. The third step is to get all the data you have to settle on a choice on having a rhinoplasty and to think of it as deliberately – what should be possible for your specific circumstance, the recuperation included, the normal outcomes, the aftercare offered, and the cost of the technique and obviously, the potential dangers of the strategy.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

The nose is not for nothing considered the most prominent part of the face. If he "pumped up" - this shortcoming is immediately evident.To harmonize facial features, correct the shape and size of the nose, modern surgeons can do it.

And rhinoplasty (sculptural nose correction) is one of the most popular surgeries among women.

It not only improves the shape and size of the nose, corrects congenital or post-traumatic defects, but also solves problems associated with the respiratory function of the nose.

Rhinoplasty is considered a rather complex jewelry operation, since it involves the implementation of several techniques at once, therefore, only experienced top-class surgeons can perform flawlessly all manipulations.

In our clinic made all kinds rhinoplasty: shortening the nose, correction of its height and width, backs and wings of the nose (depressions and deformations), elimination hump, the tip of the plastic nose correction curved partitions, removal of soft tissue deformation correction posttraumatic defects and others.

There special techniques for correcting age-related changes in the nose.

Age and surgery The decision to change the shape of the nose is much more difficult than any other surgery, because the transformation will be obvious.

A new nose can significantly change your face - it both attracts and scares at the same time. Rhinoplasty should be done when the aesthetic imbalance of facial features weighs on a person and prevents him from living in harmony with himself.

It is recommended to do aesthetic rhinoplasty no earlier than 19 years of age. The age of 18–25 years is the most favorable in terms of the state of tissues and the patient's psychological readiness to change their appearance. Usually, the operation is demanded by patients aged 20-40 years and older.

After 45–50 years, a special approach is required, since age-related growth of cartilage tissue begins, the elasticity of the skin deteriorates, the regenerative capacity of the skin, cartilage and bones decreases, so the rehabilitation period can be long.

Injuries to the nose lead not only to external deformities, but also to disruption of the process of nasal breathing, therefore, restoration of the osteochondral skeleton of the nose is desirable in the first 10 days after injury.

At a later date, the operation will be more time consuming.

Sometimes early reduction is impossible due to the condition of the surrounding soft tissues, so the optimal time for reduction will be 3–6 days after the injury.



Among them - a violation of blood clotting, acute inflammatory processes in the paranasal sinuses, severe diseases of internal organs, infectious diseases, serious cardiovascular and oncological diseases, uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, complete loss of skin elasticity, a tendency to excessive scarring (keloid scars ), a disease of the thyroid gland, accompanied by its hyperfunction.


Its duration is from 40 minutes to 3 hours (depending on the level of complexity and volume of surgical procedures).

The operation can be multi-stage.

The rhinoplasty algorithm is dictated by the features of the nose and the task (how much it needs to be changed). The surgeon modifies the internal cartilaginous or osteochondral structure of the nose or parts of it to optimize the shape and size of the nose.

Rhinoplasty can be closed (incisions and manipulations are done inside the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity) and open (an incision is made on the skin part of the nasal septum, in its narrowest place).

In both cases, the scars are not visible.

The type of access is determined by the surgeon depending on the problem being solved.

Simple operations - soft tissue correction. More complex ones are the removal of the hump, shift and modeling of the bone and cartilage tissue.

By acting on the bones and cartilage, you can raise, shorten, reduce, sharpen the nose, eliminate the sagging of the tip, and reduce the width of the nostrils.

When correcting a sunken nasal dorsum, grafts from the patient's ear or rib cartilage or implants are placed. Correcting the shape of the back of the nose is one of the most important aspects of rhinoplasty.

Sometimes removal of the cartilage is unacceptable to straighten the septum, so there are techniques without its excision. The wide nose will change when the surgeon brings the bones closer together.

Changing the width of the tip of the nose involves modifying the cartilage (removing excess).

Modern rhinoplasty techniques make it possible to shorten a long nose. Different characteristics of bone and cartilage tissue require a fairly wide range of instruments. With complete nose surgery, the surgeon works with the entire structural part of the external nose (bone, cartilaginous, soft tissues).

Partial rhinoplasty involves manipulation of the structural areas of the nose from the outside, without affecting the bone tissue.

If it is necessary to restore normal breathing, rhinoplasty is combined with an endonasanal (intranasal) functional operation.

In our clinic, we use endoscopic techniques that preserve the anatomical components of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.

The last operating phase is the application of cosmetic sutures and a plaster cast.

Postoperative period

Hospital stay - 1–3 days (depending on the volume of the operation).

Pain is moderately expressed.

A certain inconvenience is that you need to breathe through your mouth for a while.

Tampons are inserted into the nasal passages to hold the new shape of the nose (they are removed 2-3 days after the operation), and an external plaster cast is also applied (removed after 6-9 days).

Bruises disappear in a week, puffiness disappears in 10-15 days.

The surgeon will give you detailed recommendations before you leave the hospital.

You can return to work in 1.5–2 weeks. The immediate results are visible in 2-3 weeks. It is believed that the nose takes its final shape after 6 months - up to a year after the operation.

A good rhinoplasty result lasts for life. Complications and risks Subcutaneous hematomas disappear on their own after 1–2 weeks. Inflammatory changes in soft tissues occur in immunosuppressed patients. Keloid scars are formed when the individual skin is prone to their appearance.

In most cases, serious complications are caused by the mistakes of unqualified doctors - be careful when choosing a surgeon and clinic!