Rhinoplasty surgery and its cost in Chandigarh

One of the most prominent facial feature is the nose. People would most likely change this part of the face with surgery if they are dissatisfied with it. The shape of the nose can be transformed with a nasal surgery called Rhinoplasty in those people who are not happy with it. In order to correct the internal cavity of the nose so that person can breathe freely if there is accompanied breathing problem through the nose, Rhinoplasty surgery can be combined with Septoplasty. With no major complications,  each year thousands of men and women undergo this safe procedure of Nasal Surgery or Rhinoplasty. To reconstruct noses that were amputated as a punishment for crimes in ancient India circa 500 BC, Sushruta an important physician was the first person to develop Rhinoplasty. Even to this day the techniques of forehead flap Rhinoplasty which he developed are practiced. In Chandigarh, the cost of a Rhinoplasty surgery varies between 50k to 1 Lakh.


Anaesthesia used in the surgery

With intravenous sedation for smaller corrections the procedure can be performed using a local anaesthesia  but is usually performed under general anaesthesia.


The techniques used for performing this surgery

In Closed Rhinoplasty generally through tiny cuts made inside the nostrils the surgery is performed. In another procedure known as ‘Open Rhinoplasty’ a small cut on the skin between two nostrils is made for the surgery as at times it becomes necessary. After healing the scar of these cuts is virtually invisible irrespective of the technique. By changing the shape of the bones and cartilage, major components of the nasal framework the nose can be reshaped and redefined by the surgeon using these methods of surgery. Under Local anaesthesia with IV sedation or General anaesthesia this surgery is performed in about 2 hours. At most one night stay in the hospital may be needed or it is a day-care procedure. Depending on the existing shape and the expected change; a patient can determine the type of surgery needed by a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon before the surgery.


Duration of the surgery

If Septoplasty surgery is combined in the same sitting with Rhinoplasty then the surgery may take longer otherwise it usually takes about 1-2 hours. A one-day hospitalization of the patient is advised or he/she can be discharged in the evening. After 24-48 hrs the nasal packs are removed.


Precautions and postoperative care after Rhinoplasty surgery

Within 1-2 days bruising or swelling appears around the eyes area after the Rhinoplasty surgery and in order to this you have to rest with the head elevated. The patient experiences mild nasal blockage and may have a congested feeling. For quick and pain-free healing during the first 4 days you are prescribed with Antibiotics and analgesics. You should avoid any rigorous activity for the first weeks after surgery. After 7 days all the stitches are removed. Over the next few month or so periodic monitoring of the patient’s progress is required after doing postoperative visits within the first 5-10 days. Most of the daily normal activities and light exercises can be resumed by the patient after 2 weeks of surgery. Over the next few months the final results of surgery will begin to take actual shape and there will be a significant reduction of swelling.