Novel fetal surgery is performed in the Republic of Panama, in the CHMAG operating room

First fetal surgery is performed in Panama, at the Hospital “Manuel Amador Guerrero” A novel surgery for occlusion of the fetal umbilical cord, the first to be done in the Republic of Panama, was performed in the operating room of the Hospital Complex “Dr. Manuel Amador Guerrero ”(CHMAG) of the Social Security Fund (CSS) in the province of Colón. The procedure consists of interrupting the existing communication during the twin pregnancy and an incision of less than one centimeter, to avoid the sequestration of blood from one fetus to the other and allow the healthy one to develop with a happy term of pregnancy, explains the gynecologist – obstetrician with sub specialization in maternal fetal medicine, Dr. Alcibíades Nelson Solís Delgado. Fetal surgery was coordinated after a screening ultrasound at 17 weeks of gestation detected the malformation (no head, only the torso and lower limbs) of one of the fetuses, which endangers the other healthy twin, every time that an umbilical connection is maintained by the absorption of blood between them, which had to be obstructed. “It was Dr. Eduardo Baso, obstetrician-gynecologist at CHMAG, the reference of the case detected at 17 weeks and who made the diagnosis, otherwise it would have been complicated with the loss of the two babies, so proper control of pregnancy, “said Dr. Solís Delgado. The cauterization (occlusion) does not represent a danger to the mother and once it is finished, the patient will remain 24 hours in observation with treatment, to avoid any complication such as threat of abortion or rupture of the bag and then continue with her normal and controlled pregnancy . For Dr. Miguel Angel Cáceres, gynecologist-obstetrician oncologist and National Director of Medical Technology of the CSS, “it has been wonderful for the whole country, they must be happy with this news in the midst of all the chaos we have due to COVID-19 , that the doctors of the Hospital Complex “Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid ”(CHDr.AAM) have been transferred to CHMAG to perform the first fetal surgery, after the clinical eye of Dr. Eduardo Baso who referred him”. Thanks to this surgery the Hospital Complex “Dr. Manuel Amador Guerrero ”(CHMAG) benefits from the acquisition of the necessary medical equipment, (laparoscopic profile tray for fetal surgery with small instruments that includes 3-millimeter bipolar), which allows this type of energy to pass through the paddles and not to the patient; “This technology protects the healthy baby, who is in the procedure and does not allow the passage of energy that activates the uterus and can interrupt the pregnancy,” he said. Dr. Susana Betegón, deputy medical director of CHMAG, expressed her satisfaction that in the midst of the pandemic the operating room had the sanitary and appropriate conditions that allowed this new and important surgery for the benefit of a patient from Colón. .

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