Aesthetic surgery in Lima – We are a team of expert professional surgeons in the various areas of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, we offer our clients the best existing modern technological solution and thus satisfy the needs of each of our patients. Totally free professional advice, we carry out a previous examination of the patient, advising him and always taking into account the features and physiognomy of the face Cosmetic surgery in Lima Plastic surgeons in Lima Plastic surgery in Lima Plastic surgery clinics in Lima Cosmetic surgery in Lima Cosmetic surgery clinics in Lima Plastic Surgery Lima prices Best Plastic Surgery Clinics in Lima The Best Plastic Surgeons in Lima Plastic Surgery Lima Clinic Best Plastic Surgeons in Lima Peru The Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Lima Peru Good Plastic Surgeons in Lima Plastic Surgeons in Lima Rhinoplasty The Best Clinics rhinoplasty in lima Clinics for rhinoplasty in lima Plastic surgeons in lima prices Best plastic surgeons in lima Rhinoplasty clinics in lima Best plastic surgeons lima Plastic surgeon in lima peru Recognized plastic surgeons in lima The best plastic surgeon in lima The best surgeons in lima gia plastica in lima Aesthetic surgeons in lima The best cosmetic surgery clinics in lima Aesthetic surgery clinics in lima peru Best rhinoplasty surgeon in lima Best rhinoplasty clinics in lima The best rhinoplasty clinic in lima The best surgeons in lima We are professional specialists in all areas of intimate facial and body surgery We improve the physical appearance of patients, improve their aesthetics, symmetry and proportions We rebuild facial and body defects as a result of any congenital disorder, burns, diseases, etc. Among the usual services that we offer, we can highlight the following: -Breast augmentation: increase, lift, reduction. -Facial contour: rhinoplasty, mentoplasty, otoplasty… -Facial rejuvenation: face lift, blepharoplasty, neck lift, canthopexy… -Body contour: abdominoplasty, liposculpture, gynecomastia. -Skin rejuvenation: rejuvenation, botox, filler treatments. Body surgery – We have been helping people feel good for years, we have a medical team of specialists who base their work on professionalism and personalized treatment designed to give each patient the solution they need Intimate Surgery – The harmony and proportion of the different body parts, among which are our most intimate areas, are a reason for improvement, today intimate surgery is an aesthetic operation that solves their daily life for many people.This procedure is performed to improve vaginal muscle tone, your strength and control or also the decrease of the internal and external diameter of the vagina and the excess of vaginal mucosa, reinforcing the perianal body. Internal and external diameters increase with childbirth or age. The muscles of the perineum are weak and do not have enough support. Under these circumstances, the vagina is no longer in its optimal physiological state. Among the intimate cosmetic surgery operations performed by our beauty experts, the following techniques may be included: Labiaplasty – reduction of the labia minora. Aesthetic labiaplasty – augmentation for the labia majora Vaginoplasty – or aesthetic reconstruction and improvement of the vulvar openings Perineoplasty – for the rejuvenation of the vaginal opening Hymenoplasty – for the restoration of the hymen Liposculpture – for the aesthetic reduction of the mons pubis and the lips prominent major Plastic Surgery – We correct body degenerations for greater patient satisfaction Among the plastic surgery interventions, we highlight the following services: -Breast reconstruction. -Repair surgery. -Repair of congenital defects such as defects in the limbs. -Reconstruction of the lower extremities. -Hand surgery. -Surgery to improve scars. .

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